Building For Community

Construction and Fundraising Update, November 20, 2018

We have been celebrating Mass in the church since October 27th, 2018.  When you arrive for Mass we ask you enter from one of the social hall doors or the west south entrance of the church. The reason the north doors of the church are locked is for your safety.  The steps need to be re-done which hopefully will occur by Christmas. 

We have had a number of events in our new social hall space, including the Trunk or Treat family fun night, the confirmation reception, monthly donuts and coffee after Sunday Mass (2nd Sunday of every month), and Knights of Columbus breakfast (4th Sunday of the month).  A few faith formation events have also been held in the new space.

Religious Education classes began on September 19th, 2018.  Grades 1st - 9th have met on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:45pm.  All involved have been thrilled with the changes to the old social hall.  We now have 8 classrooms, an adult education room, and a dedicated Sunday school room(in social hall).

The new projector and screen are ready for use in the social hall.

An updated social hall rental policies and procedures guide soon will be complete.

Please be patient with us as we work out the tweaks to our new space and church renovations. 

The sanctuary space will be receiving a some new furnishings and the backdrop re-stained to match the other wood elements inside the church.  The goal is to have this complete by Christmas.

Our project has been financed with pledges and parish savings which will be paid in full after receipt of the
final 4th year of pledges. 4th year pledges will start in July of 2019 and finish in July of 2020.

Construction and Fundraising Update June 22, 2018

The south parking lot is now completely open! There are nearly 100 spaces, including 8 handicapped spots. Once the church renovation is complete, the parking lot will continue to provide an easy entrance to Mass via the parish center and up the stairs or elevator to the church.

New pews coming soon! The new pews have been selected and ordered. In addition, work has begun on remodeling the basement into classrooms and preparing the church for fresh paint and new flooring.

We are entering our third year of pledges. July 1 starts our third year of payments for those who made pledges. THANK YOU for your continued support! With your pledges and donations, along with a portion of our parish savings, we are able to commit $2,100,000 to this project! The spirit of our faith community will grow and thrive for years to come as we worship and gather in new/renovated spaces.

Here are pictures of the classroom space at the drywall stage.

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Building and Renovation Update, June 7, 2018:

 The parish center is working well as our temporary location for daily and weekend Masses. The south parking lot is now complete and ready for use. Enter from south 12th street and park in one of nearly 100 spaces, including 8 handicapped accessible spaces near the door, which is equipped with a push button opener.

    Parish Center   South Parking Lot

The demo in the church basement is nearly complete and ready for walls to be framed. Additionally, asbestos abatement in the sanctuary was completed in the last week of May.

church basement church sanctuary




Building and Renovation Update: May 18, 2018

South Entrance

Beginning May 19, we will celebrate Mass in the new building!  With grateful hearts, we are excited to move into our temporary worship space. We appreciate your patience as we get situated for all aspects of liturgy in this new space. Weather permitting, asphalt will be installed on the south parking lot in the very near future.

What comes next? Renovations on the main church will begin the week of May 21. These renovations include painting, new flooring, new ceiling fans, and NEW PEWS!

Thank You! Many hands helped with removing the pews, along with moving chairs, supplies, kitchen equipment, and everything else that was moved out the main church and lower level.


Parish Center  Restroom  Restroom  Church

Building and Renovation Update: May 2018

On Monday, May 14, we’ll take the screws out of the pews!  The old pews are scheduled for removal the week of May 14. If you can help with detaching pews on May 14, please sign up at the north entrance of the church.

Pick-up of pews will take place May 15-17. If you signed up to take a pew(s), please plan to pick it up starting May 15. There is no cost for the pew, but you must take the entire pew. Unclaimed pews will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Restore on May 18.

Starting May 19-20, Mass will take place in the new gathering space. For the next several months, the new parish gathering space will be used exclusively as our worship space. The  main church building, upstairs and downstairs, will undergo renovation during that time. This means that we will not have coffee/donuts or KC breakfasts after Sunday Mass until the renovation is complete. Also, no meetings or use of the kitchen (including funeral lunches) will be allowed in the building during this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we come into the homestretch of our building and renovation project. Contact F


Building for Community Update: April 2018

Coming this Fall:  New Pews! Thank you to the 73 families who stepped forward to support a full pew, half pew, or gave another donation toward the project!

What comes next? The old pews are scheduled for removal the week of May 14. If you can help with detaching pews (unscrewing them from the floor) or if you would like to take home a pew, please sign up at the north entrance of the church. There is no cost for the pew, but you must take the entire pew and pick it up during the May 15-17 time frame. Watch the bulletin for any changes to this schedule.


Building for Community Update: March 2018


 Click here for a pledge form to update our pews!

Thank you to all who have given their time, talent, treasure, and prayers for our building project! It is exciting to see our new building nearing completion, with the soon to be remodeled classrooms and worship space soon to follow.

Fundraising Update: Together, we have nearly  $1,900,000 committed to the project! This total includes pledges of $1,620,000 and parish savings of $280,000.  Furthermore, the payment total received on our pledges stands at $1,135,000. This broad support by our faith community is a testament to the faith we nurture at St. Patrick's. 

What is left to do?  As we finalize plans for the remodeling of the church worship space, we really want to include new pews in the project. In order to do this, we need to raise an additional $130,000 in pledges by April 15, so that new pews can be ordered in advance of the August renovations. With 56 pews in the church, that breaks down to around $2,300 per pew.

Would you be willing to make an additional commitment to allow us to update our pews? Use this Pew Pledge Card to make your commitment for a pew or half pew. Please return to the St. Patrick office at 1001 9th Ave S, Clear Lake, IA 50428 or email to [email protected]

March Construction Photos

It takes a whole lot of drywall mud to finish off these walls! Workers continue to make progress on completing the drywall in preparation for painting, which will start in a few weeks. These photos show the kitchen area and the north wall and skylight.

Drywall   Drwall


October 2017 Update:

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Construction has started: We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and also for the short notice on the sudden elevator and parking changes.  With the variance request to the city, which was successful on September 5, it caused the need for many things to happen quickly.

Elevator: The elevator has been removed and the new one will not be installed and available until around June 1, 2018.  We sincerely regret this situation.  For those who have difficulty with steps, we do have an accessible live streaming video of the 4:00 Mass every Saturday at One Vision (formerly Opportunity Village).  Enter One Vision, at 1200 North 9th Street West, from the east doors, and it is the first room on the right. It will accommodate up to 75 people and communion will also be offered.

Parking: With limited parking, the Clear Lake Schools have offered the use of the Clear Creek Elementary parking lot to us.  We encourage those who enjoy walking to park at Clear Creek Elementary so that those that need to park closer to church have space available.

Updates on our Building for Community Project:

We began with a building budget of $1,550,000 based upon initial donations received and pledges made.  As Father Gossman explained in August, this figure grew to $1,750,000 because the initial budget did not include several things that we later found out were required or essential to the project, including but not limited to: an asphalt parking lot and larger storm water retention pond (as required by the City of Clear Lake), an additional family restroom (as required by the Archdiocese), a full-size elevator and more. The construction bid of $1,750,000 does not include our assessment from the Archdiocese for money raised in a parish, an estimate for change orders or other contingencies, which brings the total project cost to $1.9 million.

The Good News is ….. we currently have $1,750,000 in pledges, donations and in-kind contributions. To realize this dream, we only need to raise an additional $150,000. Ideally, we would like to raise an additional $420,000. 


The Three Tiers of our Building for Community Project:

Tier 1: The Base, the bottom line we need to complete this project. Includes: a 220-person gathering space, an education center, a new full-size elevator, new carpet and painting in the main church, a safety rail in the choir loft, an asphalt parking lot, our assessment from the Archdiocese for money raised in a parish, an estimate for change orders (typically associated with projects of this magnitude) and other contingencies. To finish Tier 1, The Base, we need an additional $150,000.


Tier 2: The Complete Remodel of the Main Church. Includes: everything in Tier 1: “The Base”, plus removal/replacement of asbestos tiles in the main church, new pews and a total remodel of the choir loft. To finish Tier 2 we need an additional $150,000 plus $120,000 or $270,000.


Tier 3: The Extras. Includes: everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2, plus all of the Extras for the new gathering space: including a state-of-the-art sound system, audio/visual equipment and more. To finish Tier 3 we need an additional $270,000 (Tier 1  + Tier 2) plus $150,000 or $420,000.


St. Patrick's religious education video showing a typical Wednesday night

This group of Religious Ed families are excited to see the church grow. 
Please join them and help us as we Build for Community.