It sounds like we’ve had a very successful fundraising campaign, with $1,750,000 mentioned in the recent letter. Why is there a need to still raise more money?  Over the last year, there have been some additional requirements placed upon our project, or other parts that now seemed essential.  Those included replacing the elevator with a new gurney-size elevator, including a fire alarm for safety purposes, the City of Clear Lake requiring us to have a completely paved asphalt parking lot as well as retention pond, and the Archdiocese requiring us to include a family restroom.

In the recent update, you shared different achievement levels for our final phase of fundraising, but can you explain the interior remodeling that takes place with Tier 1 versus Tier 2?  Tier 1 includes new carpet down the aisles, new painting throughout the church but not including the ceiling, and new flooring and stair treads in the north main entry.  It also includes a complete remodel of the choir loft, removing the old walls around the storage room, infilling the floor, removing the asbestos tile in the choir loft, and a new safety rail. Tier 1 also includes removing all the old woodwork on the wall behind the altar, as well as remodeling the sacristy to accommodate a new ADA compliant wheel chair ramp.  Tier 2 would include removing the asbestos tiles throughout the church, which would require removing/replacing the pews and would then also allow us to paint the ceiling at that time.

 I’ve heard that there are services at One Vision (formerly Opportunity Village) on Saturdays at 4:00 for those that usually use the elevator. How are those going?  It’s going great, generally about 20 – 25 in attendance, you can view a live streaming of the 4:00 Mass with audio.  The Mass is complete with singing and Communion.  We’ve noticed some people attending that service, and then attending 10:00 Sunday Mass as well.

We’ve had some questions about whether it is possible to give the gift of appreciated stock, especially with the stock market at an all time high. Is that possible?  Yes, and many parishioners have chosen to do this already! Donating stock or securities, instead of cash, can greatly benefit both you and the parish.  You can avoid capital gains tax, and the total amount would still be eligible for a tax deduction. Consult with your financial or tax advisor to see if this is right for you, then contact Mary at the parish office for assistance with this type of gift.